Story Of CEO of Successfull trading company

Story Of CEO of Successfull trading company

I didn’t start seriously getting into the markets until after I finished my MBA. I participated in several investment competitions, and won two of them using the same principles that grandpa taught. It was a lot fun. I enjoyed the process and found the right stocks. This is why I’m able to make a living trading. Let me answer your question. You trade because you are passionate about the markets. It is the right reason. But, if your only motivation is to make quick money, then it will not work and won’t sustain you. This may sound cliché but if your efforts are focused on understanding the market and being disciplined with risk management, you will be rewarded with the money.

What trades do you think are the most dangerous? These trades are often executed poorly by traders.

Matt Choi – There are two types that can be considered risky. The first is a trade without a plan. This is the most common mistake new traders make. They do a lot of research on stocks before they make a trade. They don’t have a plan to determine when to take profit if a stock moves in a certain direction. Even worse, they don’t have a stop loss in case the stock goes the wrong way. If the stock moves against them, they become paralysed and unable to take any action to reduce losses. In the end, they lose a lot of money. On the other hand, they don’t have profit targets. They get greedy when stocks move in the right directions. They panic when the stock is down and end up losing a lot.

It is vital to have a plan before you start a trade. I have never met a successful trader without a plan. Period. I go into each trade knowing exactly when and where I will take profits. If I’m wrong, I know when I will lose. I need to know the rules in order to execute my plan efficiently every time.

Illiquid trades are second. These are risky because they can be difficult to exit and get back in. A lot of penny stocks are extremely thin. Even if you do make money speculating, it is not always easy to make more. I trade a lot of options. In my early trading days, I made the mistake trading options with wide bid/ask spreads. While I did make a lot with these positions on paper, the spread was too wide to allow me to exit trades without losing any profits. There is also a similarity in cryptocurrencies. While it is early in the game, it could be improved as the market matures. Unfortunately, it can take up to weeks to settle crypto trades and some dealers are unable guarantee a settlement amount until then. Problem is that cryptos are volatile and can change by as much as 50% in one week. So cryptos aren’t reliable trading tools until there is more liquidity and speed. Blockchain technology is a breakthrough technology that will be here for the long haul, but that’s another topic.

It is essential to create a trading plan, stick with high-traded instruments that are easy for you to trade, Certus Trading Review and keep your money in the market.

What was your transition experience from being just a trader, to managing Certus Trading’s trading educational company? What was your biggest takeaway from the experience of founding and leading Certus Trading

Matt Choi, for me it was a natural transition from trading only for myself to helping others trade. It’s all about having an inspiration and a strong belief that I can do what I do. As you may know, I have a strong passion for trading and have had great success. I’ve come across many traders over the years who were very intelligent and passionate, but had trouble finding consistency in their trading. After some time, I realized that their biggest problem was lack of structure in trading. They would trade stocks and then switch to commodities tomorrow. They’d become distracted listening to financial news networks which often contradict their own analysis. They didn’t know how to make a plan. And even if they did, it wasn’t clear enough for them to follow. There is much analysis paralysis, which makes it difficult for them to trade.

My approach is to teach them rules-based trading. I teach traders how they can find high probability trade setups by using fixed parameters. This means that if a stock has A, B, or C, it is a purchase. If it shows X, Y and Zs, it’s a sell. The best part is that trading platforms allow us to program the A,B,Cs and the XY,Zs. It takes only seconds to identify trade opportunities using a set list of criteria. This rule-based approach removes emotions, which can sometimes hinder our trading abilities. It allows me to locate trades much faster than I could if I was sitting at my computer all day. I already said that I enjoy trading due to the mobile lifestyle it allows. Rule-based trading is how I can travel, spend time with my spouse, and even my child. So I’m trying to show traders how to achieve this type of success with Certus Trading.

Certus Trading’s greatest benefit is the ability to help people improve their finances. I soon realized that every person is unique and has her own definition of happiness. I want to spend time with my family and trade has allowed me that. There are many students who have retired, and are looking to make an additional four- to five hundred dollars a month. They are extremely happy to consistently bring in more income each month. Some of my students have been able to purchase a yacht, pay for college tuition, and pay off their debts. It’s not easy to define success. My biggest learning is how to help students structure their trading plans to achieve their goals. I’m humbled every morning when I check my email and see the success stories of my students. It makes my heart smile and drives me to help more people realize their dreams.

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